Data Recovery

B.G.M. JSC is a representative of MBM Ontrack DataRecovery

In-lab data recovery

Data is recovered regardless of the used system, medium or damage type. In case of a physical medium damage a possibility to recover data is 76%, in cases of programme malfunction rising to 91%. Data recovery usually takes 2-3 weeks, in immediate matters taking much less time.

The data is given back to a client in CD-R disks or other media preferred by the client. Ontrack guarantees data security and confidentiality, as the data is only used for recovery purposes. After recovery the data is stored in laboratory for 30 days, later being irreversibly deleted for security reasons.

Remote data recovery - RDR™

When programme malfunctions occur, data can be restored using RDR data recovery service. It is assigned for clients in need of immediate data recovery. RDR allows data recovery as qualitatively as in the laboratory, but it is accomplished in your computer connected to the internet. It saves time, as there is no need to dissasemble a computer or send a hard disk, restoration of which takes 3-6 days on average. 

Data can be recovered from:

  • Hard disks,
  • FDD, ZIP, JAZZ, MO media
  • Tape media
  • Micromedia
  • Flash memory
  • CD, DVD disks
  • Mobile phone memory etc.

If a danger to loose important data arises, try not to record to a damaged medium, restore data on your own or entrust it to unqualitative services,  as these actions decrease the probability of data recovery much.

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