High Performance Computing (HPC)

These solutions are also called the supercomputers. They join all the equipment together (servers, disk storages, web equipment), mostly to accomplish the one common task, which needs high performance computing resources. On the contrary to high performance solutions, the server infrastructure solutions accomplish separately many various daily business tasks.

HPC play an important role in various fields:

  • Computational engineering, hydrodynamics
  • Oil and gas analyses and research
  • Atomic energy research
  • Weather forecasting
  • Complex construction engineering
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing, genetics
  • Financial and economic forecasting
  • Optimization tasks, management and logistics
  • Big data management etc. (technologies and applications)
  • Building parallel database systems
  • Modelling molecular structures and new compounds using the molecular dynamics methods
  • Modelling nanostructures and nano compounds
  • Solving large scale linear programming problems
  • Modelling features of construction materials
  • Computing photonic crystal structures
  • Computational Electrodynamics
  • Computer visualization
  • Other

Our Experience

We have implemented HPC in these fields:

  • Research – compound properties analysis and prediction tasks, computational astrophysics, view management and visualization
  • Meteorology – computational weather forecasting
  • Oceanography – modelling the Baltic sea coast sand transport
  • Energetics – modelling radionuclide and aerosol transfer indoors, reliability evaluation of energetics system, construction  strength analysis of complex building structures (technical objects), investigations in fundamental and applied thermal physics, sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of modelling results
  • Biotechnology – crystal structure analysis, chemical formulas obtained from crystal structures, statistical modelling of molecular geometry and its relations to material properties


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